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Installation of gas supply system

Our company offers you all erection procedure with facility commissioning.

If it is necessary, our experts will make debugging of the installed equipment and its maintenance during operation. We

perform installation of gas supply, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

Just in case that you have agreed in all instances construction project an installation organization that has license implements

this project using the tools, techniques and materials that  may be also agreed with you.

Inspection board which consists of customer, contractor, and representatives from operation of gas facilities service and from

State Committee of Ukraine on Labor Inspection take over a ready project.

Recently, in order to save materials and to make possible reliable gas supply they use possibility to lay a gas pipeline with

medium pressure and to reduce gas pressure on the water they install in the house compact combined pressure regulators.

In Ukrainian networks during unstable gas pressure such system gives the opportunity to equalize required for normal

operation gas equipment pressure directly for each consumer. The introduction of gas into the building makes through the

individual gas control unit directly from the network with medium pressure. There is no need for installing village gas distribution

points. This investment savings compared with traditional laying low pressure gas is 30-40%.

For underground gas laying pipeline we use polyethylene pipes. In comparison with steel pipes they have a lot of advantages. 

Corrosion does not affect polyethylene pipes, they do not require isolation polymer films and mastic asphalt.

There is no need for anode and cathode protection. Warranty period of polyethylene pipes is at least 50 years. Also projected

service life of these pipes is about 300 years.

LTD "DIC Teplovent" embarks gasification of your object and performs all range of works. LTD "DIC TEPLOVENT" offers a full

range of after-sale service, post-warranty and maintenance service of erected construction and gas supply systems, heating,

water supply and canalization systems.



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