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Designing of the systems

Designing is one of the first and the most important step in the building industry. If you turn to the professional help you will

avoid incidental expenses.

In the design department of the "DIC Teplovent" are certified professionals with extensive experience and they are ready to

solve problems of any complexity.

The design department of the company provides a full range of services, including all stages of design:

  • designing work;
  • technical support during installation and commissioning of the finished object;
  • designing of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.


Gas-distribution system as an electric one refers to the objects of increased danger. That’s why just organisation that has

required permission and licences can solve technical problems in the field of gas-distribution.

Bring gas to settlement and your private house you can only legally, in compliance with the rules established by the legislative

acts of Ukraine and with participation of experts. In the beginning to hook into gas pipeline you need to receive technical

conditions in regional (local, municipal) operational service. Then organization that has license works out a design.


Before carrying out works on gasification, it is needed to do the project that must be approved in all concerned authorities.

Further, paying attention to your wishes and according to the rules and regulations on the use of natural gas, we develop the

optimal scheme of gas supply.

We also offer design services for other utilities for objects of any complexity both residential and industrial buildings.



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