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How can you receive license in legal way and at the same time without any problem? It’s

very easy you need to contact specialists LTD DIC "Teplovent". If you collaborate with us

you can be sure that we will comply with all requirements and formalities.

For our company the quality of our work is very important but in the same time we don’t

aim at high price. In any work it is needed to be moderate and adequate. So we hope to see

your pleasant surprise and to have long collaboration with you.

The cost of basic service for obtaining a building permit is from 8000 UAH.

Payments those are not included in the service:

The state tax for a license is a minimum wage.

Term of basic service is 30 working days.

Period of validity of license is 3 years.

When you receive this license in second time the period of its validity will be for 5 years.

List of proposing works you can find


The documents and information necessary for the provision of services:

  • Extract from the register
  • Inquiry from statistic (notarized copy and carbon copy with a seal affixed by enterprise)
  • Information about existence of structural subdivision:
  • VAT number if you have it ( notarized copy with a seal affixed by enterprise)
  • A list of works that was chosen from present codifier;
  • Account details, telephone;
  • The lease of office or industrial premises copy stamped by enterprise;
  • Director’s diploma, copy stamped by enterprise;
  • Reference information  about engineering and management staff of the enterprise (name, occupational life, work experience in
  • constructive activities, the name of educational  institution, date of the end of education);
  • Information on the availability of workers (profession, the number of people working in the industry temporarily or if they are
  • constantly working category);
  • Information about the existence of technique and instruments needed for doing chosen kind of work;
  • The list of works that were done during the period of validity of provisional license (in case of continuation of validity of
  • license).


The services needed for receiving construction license includes:

  • Verbal advice on the statutory procedures and conditions required for obtaining a license for construction activities;
  • Qualified legal preparation of documents needed for receiving construction licenses;
  • Supplying to the licensing authority (the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine or the territorial unit)
  • generated documents;
  • control over the licensing proceedings and the date of the meeting of the Licensing Committee;
  • License receiving in the licensing authority.


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